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What is UMARA?

Established in Argentina in 2009 as a family business, UMARA is strengthening its position today as a groundbreaking brand in the nail salon market in Argentina and Chile, with more than 50 locations in both countries and an extensive line of cosmetic products of our own.

In 2023, we are evolving and expanding our brand by opening our first franchised salon in Miami, Florida.


What makes UMARA unique?

The high demand for our services and the continuous pursuit of excellence in the products used on a daily basis in our salons, led us to develop our own line of cosmetic products in order to meet our high quality standards, while taking care of the health and the environment.

UMARA was created to bring you a complete experience. In our salons, we offer manicure, pedicure, eyebrows and eyelashes services and maintenance, and hair removal with natural wax. Services are rendered all in a trending and groundbreaking design space where every staff member is highly trained on the latest beauty and sanitation techniques.

Green nail lacquer

Cruelty free, vegan and

8-Free nail polish formula


Our unique line of nail polish was created to offer you the best quality and duration in every service and also to take care of your health and the health of our staff while being environmentally conscious.

From the south of the world direct to your nails

Over the years, we have welcomed in our salons people from all over the world who made us aware of how different UMARA was from the salons they visited in their places of origin, and they emphasized the quality and warmth they received from us in every service. This feedback empowered us to export our experience to other cities and countries with impressive results.

Gel Nail color lacquer, nails.
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A complete beauty experience just for you

Today, UMARA is present in the United States with the desire that every person that comes through the doors of our salons can enjoy high-level services along with a personal and friendly customer service.


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